ONE Residents Supporting Genese's Campaign

This week several Ward 2 and Ward 3 residents have spoken out in support of Genese's Campaign.  We were humbled by Infinite Culcleasure's letter of support.  

Genese Grill and Infinite Culcleasure

Genese Grill and Infinite Culcleasure

To paraphrase what MLK expressed generations ago, I am so disappointed with the moderate/liberal politics of today. I have reached the conclusion that poor and working class folks’ greatest stumbling block is not the KKK or Trump, but progressive, democrat, and republican politicians who prioritize the business community over the workers and residents on the ‘fringe’, who are more devoted to “order” than to justice.

At a time when we need to break from paternalistic politics I would be grateful to have Genese as a fresh set of eyes and ears on the city council representing the O.N.E., where the city’s most valuable assets are its people. When people refer to this “time of crisis” as a reason to “keep a steady hand at the helm”, they are the ones who lack vision.

Thank you Genese for running against the odds, and rising to the occasion with your neighbors to make a stand against the overreach of business and corporate interests in the development and defining of communities that are underwater with debt, heartache and mistrust.

Thank you for committing your precious days and nights competing for the opportunity to check and balance an administration that relies too heavily on executive sessions and closed meetings, that shouldn’t be the only game in town.

Thank you for having the heart to care about power sharing… thank you for bringing the noise of unheard voices and untapped wisdom, to counterbalance the noise of nearby war machines and know-it-all power brokers.

Thank you for breaking from the missionary style politics of our city, and daring to explore alternative models of governance that prioritize our most vulnerable neighbors. You’ve already served us well."

– Infinite Culcleasure, Rose Street